The Greatest Fantasy Epic Of Our TIME

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What is it about a good story that is timeless? 

Just today I started reading again for the first time in a long time. (I’m not much of a reader)

It is one of my daily core commitments to grow into the best version of myself. 

I chose to begin with one of my favorite books of all time, The Hobbit. (This was probably the only reading assignment in high school that I actually enjoyed LOL)

I looked forward to class discussion on this one, somehow I still managed to get A’s in all my English classes – cough cough.. Cliff notes 🙂

I chose this book because I really think this will help me with my marketing – As well as be an extremely enjoyable read. 

You see when it comes to marketing… It’s very important to take note, facts tell – But stories SELL

Why is this true? 

A story is what pulls people in wanting more. It changes a persons state. It paints the picture allowing ones self to step into the shoes of the storyteller. 

So the real question I have for you is – What’s your story? If you could wave a magic wand and make your life perfect in every area.. What will it be like? Where will you live? What kind of car will you drive? What type of leader will you become? Who is your perfect spouse? What kind of home will you make? What kind of people will you surround your self with? What magical places will you travel to? And who will be able to travel and share these NEW experiences with you? 

With this post I encourage you to really get clear on these things that you want to attract into your life. 

Being aware of NOW, every moment is perfect, just like the words on this page. Imperfection is perfect. Imperfect = I’m perfect; NOW

You are someone who came to this post, maybe you’re curious as to what I do for a living…

Maybe you are that one person who wants more out of life. 

A life of more time, more money, and more freedom. You see having time is wealth, while having money is being rich. You can have both my friend. If you are a person who’s going through a state of transition, or maybe you’re at your breaking point – I remember my breaking point.. Or should I say my ‘Fuck It’ point. In that one moment, enough was enough and I made the decision to fire my boss on the 4th of July 2014… But I’ll save this for another story, on another blog post.. 🙂

I encourage you to take action and begin to live a better way.

Will it be easy.. No it won’t. Is it doable, yes it is. What am I referring to you may ask? I’m referring to becoming the best version of your self. Being the one who paints their vision into reality. 

One who writes their story in vivid detail, and experiences the true magic that’s in the world. When you stop drowning from living paycheck to paycheck, and are able to bring your head up above water, one is able to really experience the true joy that is. 

I encourage you.. to take a leap of faith, trust you’re at the right place at the right time, and click this link to begin writing your fairytale, whatever that may be. 

You see, you can tell your story through videos.. And a blog post just like this one – And get paid to do it. Sharing your passion, and products that can be thoroughly described in one word – Transformational. You see, my friend, the greatest fantasy epic of our time.. Is your story

Are YOU ready to begin?

If you want more content like this, leave me your thoughts in the comments.

To the TOP,

Chad R Turner


P.S. I’m going to give you the ability to work with me personally and participate in a private mastermind team, where you will get the mentorship you’re looking for, as you walk down a clear path toward your greatest outcome, stepping right into your dream.

As you’re reading these blog posts you can earn money and create simultaneous lifestyle if you want. If you have a burning desire for more life inside of you.. 

Simply click the button below, watch the entire video, then fill out the form and I will connect with you to walk you through the process of reaching your goals this year, working with my personal team.

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One thought on “The Greatest Fantasy Epic Of Our TIME

  1. You are on point! Being able to tell a story and be a writer is crucial. I can’t think of a better way to fire your boss than to write a blog a day!!


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