Welcome To The Gate

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This is the first post on my official blog. I would like to first share a few of my favorite videos from my YouTube channel that display my personal journey of inspiration, finding my self, and the desire to create and step right into an amazing lifestyle.
  1. Moonlight illuminate my night

    This video is a great representation of being completely free.

    In order to be free in your physical reality one must first be free in their own mind.

    There are many great moments contained in this short clip.

    The energy of the music and video are in perfect sync. This occurs in every video I make.

    I find a piece of music that is a matching length with the video footage and then magic happens.

    This idea is reflected right in the song I chose for this video, in it one will here these words “The world is moving to the song I hear.”

    In the beginning the first lyric is “Smile” as I smile in the video.

    Then you can see my playful kitty the Buddha Boy with his tail wagging in complete JOY.

    The next significant moment of synchronicity occurs in the music when you hear, “Almost lost everything” as a fire extinguisher appears in the background.

    This was completely unintentional, but as my story goes I did almost lose everything(material objects) in a fire.

    Also in the music it says “Classrooms not for me” as I am outside riding my bicycle completely free flowing.

    This is another symbol showing that the classroom/job is not for me.


    At the end of this video I pan towards the sky showing the moon.

    This is where the main line in the chorus of the song comes into play “Moonlight illuminate my night.”

    At the very end of the video the last lyric is “Rewind” as the sound effects and the motions in the video footage looks as though it is rewinding the last scene in a few moments.

    This is also a call to action to replay this video and watch it again to experience the magic that shines through!

  2. Illuminati (I Shine My LIGHT)

    This video is of my friend Craig Grant and was edited by another friend Nicklas Failla.

    On the internet there are many conspiracy videos about this word Illuminati. Mostly all of this content is extremely negative.

    This video contains the best and most positive definition for this word.

    The definition coming from the symbology in the letters of the word itself(which I think is the best way to define a word).

    Illuminati = I illuminate I = I shine my light = I am the source

    I’ve had many conversations with my friend Craig who is seen in this video.

    He is an extremely high level reflection of my self.

    This high level of experience is reflected and heard by how windy it is in this video.

    This is what it’s like to be illuminati. Illuminated LIGHT. Beautiful and perfect in every moment. That’s me.

  3. Light Being FLY

    In this video Craig speaks on this place called HEAVEN.

    I like to define this word as the way it sounds when spoken.

    Heaven = have fun (A simple definition allowing one to experience heaven NOW)

    This is the first video I can recall where Craig did some video editing with effects.

    The visual edits go extremely well with the content shared in this video.

    I took his video and added the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker theme song as background music.

    The Legend of Zelda is one of my all time favorite video games and the soundtrack is a full orchestra and completely epic.

    The music synced up unbelievable and I was blown away the first time I watched the playback.

    I added another scene which contains an image I generated symbolizing enlightenment being now and paired it with a song that goes with what is happening in my reality.

    There are more videos on my channel that are beautiful and evoke a certain feeling of every moment being perfect NOW.

    You may visit my YouTube channel here, feel free to subscribe, like, and comment.

My story is one of creating and designing my perfect lifestyle.
One of freedom, no worries, no schedule, and no plans.
If you would like to live a life of freedom one must have systems in place and content that works for you while you are out living life.
The most simple way to have this be a reality is by creating content such as a blog post like this, as well as the videos above.
Even while I’m sleeping there are people watching my videos and reading my blog, both generating leveraged and recurring income while I live my life being free.

To the TOP,

Chad R Turner


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    1. Thanks Darren, I enjoy creating content and look forward to providing more inspiration through sharing this lifestyle.


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